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Thursday, December 8 @ Thursday, December 08, 2011
Long time no blogging :)
Assalamualaikum bloggers :) How's your day in sunyside up ? #ayat dalam kartun. Hm, today i wanna tell you something about my relationship status. Hahhaha, entry kali ni agak melalut, tapi, kau taknak bace sudah. Aku tak kesah, it's up to you. I just nak tempat luahkan perasaan ;/

Okay, i'm in a realtionship with someone. He is super cool for me, because i don't know. He's just suit for me. Hahahah, we've known each other from form two. We are in the same class back then, till form three.

But, as time goes by, things changed. His feelings towards me, seems decreasing #macam science lah pulak, hahha. The point i'm telling you that are bacause, we didn't text much. Yeah i know, for some boys, when they are back at home, they just don't layan phone sgt. Berbeza from girls kan ? LOL, anyway, okay i don't mind that. Tapi mine is like dissapear from this world, i text you so much time, still no reply. Kalau awk tak ade credit sekalipun, lame bebenor, inform dekat fb tak boleh kea ? If mcm tu, sy boleh lah stop texting awk. Tak ade lah awk rimas dgn text text semak sy tu. Haih, apelah awk ni.

Okay enough of my rintihan, i hope you are reading this. Hm, hahah. life goes on and get so heavy kan ? Same mcm aku, time goes by and i get so heavy. Hahahha, i cannot stop eating lah. Dulu, sumpah aku tak kuat mkn, mkn dekat kedai pun nasi separuh. Hhahah, aku aku.
Em. okay lah, nanti ade story lagi, aku post. Bye, sorry for the leteran yang tah pape ni. Assalamualaikum :)
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