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Wednesday, December 22 @ Wednesday, December 22, 2010
b2st ,, oh mine !
at first,,i wasn't very interested in korean singing,,but,,my friend ' arissa nur' ilmi , umi raihah ' introduce many lah great song,,but ,, i was attracted to OMG B2ST :DD ,,they were super awesome,,haishh,,do no wat to say lah,,but,,there's more,,wtf,,guess wat,,i love them 'YOSEOB + DONG WOON' wtf sial,,sumpa ensem plus cute lah,,grr <3,,i wish i could meet them n hug them,n kiss them,,kesah ap,,haha,,adoisshh,,tp arytu,,dorg dtg mlysia,,tp,,mse tu,,i ta mnat korea,,[mlepas] :(( haiishh,,kk,da da la tu aliea,,enough cukup,,ta ley jdi tol,,b2st ni,, btw i love b2st <333

yeah,,it's them,,ily yo seob,,dong woon,,jun hyung,n others lah ! :))

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