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Sunday, November 13 @ Sunday, November 13, 2011
goodluck spm candidates, expecially for you k.mieza :)
assalamualaikum and hi. as you all know, today is the starting of spm exam, so i wanted to wish all the lucks to all who is facing it right now :D probally be hard ken ? ahahha, enough bout that, lets talk about last night, malam semalam, sumpah my only luqman hakim ku sayang, TXT ME ! woof woof, thats is the only thing that i've waited for, waahh, macam die bace jea kan blog aku ni, ahahah, kalau bace, bagus lah, memang tu pun yang aku nak, ALHAMDULILLAH <3 hhaha. but the txting was very a short texting, i've run out of credit. yeah it totally went wrong :( so sad, takpe, harini, aku nak topup. ahahah.

i fucking miss you, all day, every day. and you cant even imagine how pathetic it makes me feel because i doesn't even know if you miss me back.

hahha, quotes tu best kan ? hahaha, it is suitable for my condition right now ;) hehhe. okay, i guess that is enough writing for monday morning. assalamualaikum.


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