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Monday, December 12 @ Monday, December 12, 2011
Everyday old me :)
Hi, assalamualaikum readers. As you all know, MRSM sistem ade graduate kan ? Hm, mine dah berlalu, i've got kelas kedua ats. I wish nak dpt kelas pertama, tp, nak buat mcm mane ken ? Hahhah, result dah dekat, they've said on 22 December, holy shit thats nak dekat sgt dah, i hope batch form 3 kali ni tak ade yg kecundang lah kan, we all neak yg terbaik. :) Pray for us, and God will return your kindness for praying :) Okay, assalamualaikum . See ya :)

My mother, me and my father :)

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