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Tuesday, December 21 @ Tuesday, December 21, 2010
c.a.r.n.a.t.i.o.n what does it spell??ahakhak :D
well,,apa y na saya cte ha??hmmm,,,kk,,how about ma homeroom,,kk,,there's a class,,haha,, u know what,,in ma homeroom,,there was insaness going on,,first is that we have qoyum as our leader,,and,,guess what?!i'm their [naeb pres],,wohoo,,realy,,i'm not realy enjoying this because,,well,i got totured by them,,haha,,for an example,,doing the[blablabla]u realy don't want to know lah,,nseb bek lah i ad kwn ,,haha,,y oke nyer nan saya adlh,,syed,,ika,,tu je rsenye,,bdak laky tu len cite r,,hmm,,ap lagy ha??oke oke,,slaen saya,,ade gak bdak y kne totured tau!! haha,,jeng jeng jeng,,pikah yot,,n,, ashwinee,,haha,,sumpa bodo bdak laky,,klo meeting je,,mesty kaco dorg nyer la,,dorg jdi bhn gelak kteorg tau ,, i'm luvin it <3

buka puasa yeah ! :)

p/s:i sebenanye,,ta buadd mende sanad pun,,haha :S

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